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Main Office
1703 Liliha Street
Honolulu HI 96817
Phone: (808) 687-6280
Fax: (808) 690-9277

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
7:30am to 4:30pm

Keith S Nakamura - Manager
Joy Sakamoto - Ast. Manager
Darnell Pagan - Loan Officer
Randall Ikezaki - Member Services Representative


For a limited time, the interest rate on Personal Loans start at 5.00% APR* and if you make your payments through payroll deduction or direct deposit, you'll receive another .25% discount.  The 4.75% APR* is the lowest rate available on Personal Loans.  Your actual rate is determined by your credit score.  Loans are subject to credit approval.  The special is good until June 30, 2014. *Annual Percentage Rate.  
The credit union is offering a 2.00% APR fixed rate for 2 years.  Thereafter, the APR is variable that may change every quarter.  The current index variable rate is 4.00% which is the minimum floor rate.  Loans are subject to credit approval.  Please call the credit union at 687-6280 for restrictions and more information.
Scammers are finding new ways or gimmicks to get your information.  DO NOT respond or reply to their scams.  If in doubt, VERIFY, but don't call the number or e-mail information they provide.  Get their contact information from another reliable source.  In any case, your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is your number and should not be given to anyone.
If you just purchased your new car or truck and financed the loan at the dealer or another institution, you can refinance your loan at our new auto loan rate.  If you purchased the auto within the past 9 months and have less than 10,000 miles, you may be eligible.  Please call us at 808-687-6280 for more information and restrictions on any of the loan specials. 
Current Rates

Loans - Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as low as
New Auto 2.50% Info
Used Auto 4.00% Info
Older Used Car/ Motorcycle 5.25% Info
Personal - SPECIAL - call the credit union 7.00% Info
Share Secured 4.00% Info
1st/2nd Mortgages fixed rate, inquire with CU Info
HELOC - SPECIAL - call the credit union variable rate, inquire with CU Info

Savings - Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as high as
Shares 0.50% Info
Share Draft N/A Info
Holiday Club 0.60% Info
1 - yr Share Certificate 0.70% Info
3 - yr Share Certificate 0.90% Info